Why Bliss?

I decided to create a blog about mental health and leading a positive life because the topic is close to my heart.  Too many times I have heard people denying their struggles because society does not accept them as valid.  With Blissful Life, I want to create a community where people can learn more about mental health and how to cultivate a healthy mind and positive mentality.  I would also like to share my perspective and experiences along the way.

With that said, here are some post topics that you can look forward to finding on the blog:

-Tips to reduce generalized anxiety
-How to increase positive self-talk
-How to reduce negative stress, but embrace the good kind of stress
-The many ways that animals provide emotional support
-The journey of discovering and embracing your life passion
-“Self-care”: how society can misinterpret the term and how we can find balance in its meaning
-And lastly, discuss my experience as a professional ballet dancer and how that has shaped my life.

If you are wanting to read my welcome post, click here .

Until next time,


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