Music On Main: Live Blog

Tonight is the Music on Main: First Friday event! On the first Friday of every month, the town of Lakewood Ranch puts on an event for local food and drink vendors to share their products with the community. Live music from local bands is featured on two stages at each end of Main Street. The event is from 6pm-9pm, and if the rain will hold off long enough, there will be outdoor activities and rides for the whole family!

Parking and attendance is free, and food and drink will be for sale. Dogs are welcomed, and bringing your own lawn chairs is encouraged.

I am attending the event tonight, and I will keep you all updated as the night progresses!


6:00 pm: There are cars being directed to overflow parking, which means there is a great turnout tonight! We dodged the rain chances and are looking forward to a fun-filled night. As attendees approach Main Street, they are greeted by a large open stage with musicians preparing their instruments and equipment.

6:30pm: Walking down the middle of Main Street is a sensory overload, with delicious smelling food and lots of hungry people. Food vendors like Nancy’s BBQ, Pastries By Design, South Philly Cheesesteaks, and Kona Ice are getting their food ready at large tables and food trucks. The band on one stage has begun to play some cover songs.

7:00pm: Carnival rides like bumper cars, bungee jump, and mechanical bull riding has been set up near the back lawn. Kids are crowding around, waiting for their turns on each!

7:15pm: The second cover band has begun on the opposite side of Main Street and people are pulling out their lawn chairs to sit and enjoy the music. Some have created space to get up and dance as well.

7:30pm: An event coordinator that helps run Music on Main came up to the mic on stage to thank everyone for coming out. He thanked all the food vendors for offering their services and wishes everyone a great evening.

8:00pm: Some food vendors have begun to close up shop because they did so well the first two hours! Restaurants are still open, however, and people are gathering there instead. The bands are still playing, people laughing and dancing, and the carnival rides still up and running.

It has also started to sprinkle rain, but no one seems to mind!

8:45pm: The event is beginning to wrap up. Most families have left, and adults, staff, and musicians remain. The carnival rides are being packed up, and food vendor tables being put away. The bands are still playing, but have announced they are coming up on their last songs of the night.

9pm: It has been a great evening at Music on Main: First Friday! I am so glad I was able to attend and keep updates on how the night went. Events like these are what help communities stay connected, and I certainly witnessed that tonight.

If you ever find yourself near Lakewood Ranch, Florida at the beginning of the month, I would recommend checking out this exciting event!

The Blissful Life blog is about lifestyle, and finding ways to lead a positive, happy life. Being able to join in community with others at an event like this is a great way to do that.

Thank you for reading. Comment if you have events like this is your local area, and stay tuned for future posts.



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